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CTAF is an aviator’s law firm, owned by aviation enthusiasts, for aviation enthusiasts. Whether you fly planes, helicopters, ultra-lights, or gliders, we know the laws of the land and the air, and are on your side. Marty Burbank and Josh Ramirez are licensed pilots who are experienced in the laws of California and the FAA. We handle all aspects of Asset Protection, Co-Ownership, FAA Administrative Law, and Tax Issues. Call us with your tax, aviation, or FAA issues.



The concept of co-ownership is very simple. It is nothing more than two or more individuals sharing the responsibilities of owning an aircraft. By spreading the costs of aircraft ownership among multiple owners, your costs decrease. The apparent simplicity of this arrangement is what attracts a number of aircraft owners to a co-ownership arrangement. In a co-ownership arrangement, you have the opportunity to select the co-owners, choosing people whose aircraft needs and flying habits complement your own…

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There are several ways to structure a co-ownership relationship. There are tax, asset protection, estate and disability planning contingencies to clarify. Once you have made your decision to enter into a co-ownership arrangement, your next important step will be to sort out the obligations of each of the co-owners. Our team of attorneys can help you draw up a list of “ground rules” for each co-owner to abide by. We can then draft a co-ownership agreement that will be a road map for each co-owner. The extra step will go a long way to ensuring a fun and harmonious relationship among each owner.

Tax Issues

There are more tax issues involved with owning an airplane than many people realize. There can be significant unforeseen tax burdens such as sales and use taxes, and there can also be significant tax benefits of owning a plane. At CTAF we help our clients reduce or eliminate the tax burdens, while maximizing the tax benefits. Let the attorneys at CTAF show you how to enjoy your plane and tax relief at the same time. If you want the IRS to pay for your plane, call to schedule an appointment.

Asset Protection

The potential for liability is a major consideration for all pilots. It should go without saying that if you are flying, whether or not you own the plane, you need insurance. There are many strategies the attorneys at CTAF can do to limit your legal liability, but we can never eliminate your moral duty to make someone whole if they are injured. No matter how careful you are, or how many hours you have in the left seat, we all know that things can and do go wrong. Make sure you are doing everything you can do to legally protect your family, your home, and retirement. Contact CTAF today to schedule an appointment to review your risk of liability and what you can do to reduce it.

FAA – Administrative Law

The FAA seems to have new regulations almost daily. There are as many regulations affecting pilots and owners as there are currently pilots in the air. When dealing with any government agency there is a bureaucracy of red tape that must be addressed. Flying today is not as simple as it was during the barnstorming years following WWI. There are rules and regulations for almost every aspect of aviation. When you need help dealing with the myriad of issues, it is time to call CTAF and one of our lawyers will help you through the laboring of red tape.

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